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Crazy In Love

Getting married is one of the most important times of your life. Enjoy your day to the fullest, let your stress and worry go away. Crazy in love will make sure your ceremony is perfect and customized to your specifications. We are located in the city of Grand Blanc, serving all of Michigan. Let crazy in love help plan your special ceremony. We perform non-denominational religious and non religious ceremonies, casual and formal. If you also choose we could even have some fun in putting together a themed wedding that will definitely stand out in a crowd. Would you like to write your own vows? That’s no problem! You can even write the entire script or service if you would prefer. Let’s create together a ceremony that you both will remember forever. Crazy in love is here for you on your special day. We work with all people including LGBTQ community and same sex marriages. If you have any questions we have answers. Services available include religious and non-religious nondenominational ceremonies traditional and nontraditional ceremonies theme ceremonies unity service vowel renewals marriage license assistance elopement packages. We are ready to put together the perfect ceremony for your special day.

So, What's Next?

Planning Your Ceremony

Most ceremonies can be put together in 2 to 3 visits virtually or in person. Zoom sessions are available. I’d like to get to know you and pull information from your journey together to personalize your ceremony. I prefer starting this process at least two months before your big day but call me if you need a shorter timeline. Visit one at least six weeks before wedding and will include; introductions wedding questionnaire contract walk-through couples questionnaire visit to at least three weeks before wedding contract signing, review questionnaires, plan ceremony at your request I can email a copy of the full ceremony at least five days before referral rehearsal for last-minute changes. Rehearsal walk-through of the service is required along with a brief reading of the ceremony. The big day I will arrive at least an hour early and collect marriage licenses, perform any set up necessary, fill out and sign the marriage licenses right after the ceremony.

Don't Forget!

Michigan marriage license you apply for the license at the clerk's office in the county where one of the applicants resides. The license can then be used anywhere in the state of Michigan. Out-of-state applicants must apply in the county where the marriage ceremony will take place. There is a required three-day waiting period after submitting the application and before the license can be picked up. The license expires 33 days from the application date. After the wedding ceremony, the original copy of the marriage license must be returned to the county clerk's office for recording. The marriage license must be returned within 10 days of the ceremony. The couple will keep the unofficial duplicate copy of the marriage license as a souvenir copy, but it is not valid for legal purposes. Certified copies can be purchased and used for legal purposes; most couples purchase two copies certified.


In discussing wedding jewelry, it’s easy to focus on the engagement ring and leave the wedding band as an afterthought. Remembering to reserve space in your budget for both partners to receive a wedding band is important. Just like an engagement ring, the wedding band should be ordered well in advance of the big day. Some jewelers even recommend 4 to 6 weeks for processing and shipping the order. Don’t forget to keep both wedding bands in a safe place where you both know leading up to the wedding day to avoid any miss placing of the rings. On the big day, give the bands to your designated wedding attendant who will be in charge of them during the ceremony.

Unity Service:

There’s so many different options when it comes to making your wedding truly a special day for both you and your partner. There are plenty of decisions to be made when it comes to flowers, cake, reception decor, food choices and the ceremony. Deciding to include a unity ceremony is definitely one of the questions that you may ask yourself. A unity ceremony is a meaningful ritual that is performed during the wedding to represent the two uniting as one. A unity ceremony is a ritual that is certainly not required by any means but it is an option for the ceremony. If you are looking for something religious, historical, or some ideas of your own. Often a unity ceremony allows for other family members to participate as well, furthering its meaning and representation of the combining or giant joining of two families together.

Wedding Rehearsal:

The wedding rehearsal is a run through of the ceremony conducted the day before. A wedding officiant will go over each aspect of the ceremony from the processional to the recessional. The day before the wedding you’ll have lots of things to do. If your schedule is too busy for a rehearsal it is completely up to you to have one, it just helps prepare for the wedding. If your wedding is small with only a few wedding attendants and does not include any wedding traditions, customs or special readings, then you can probably get away with not having a formal rehearsal. If your wedding is more formal, larger, or has children participating then we do recommend setting aside about 30 to 45 minutes the day before the wedding to go over the ceremony proceedings with everyone. For the wedding to run smoothly, everyone involved needs to know some important things including the order of the lineup, when to enter (with what musical selection), and where to sit or stand. Without clear direction this part of the ceremony alone can be chaotic. A good rehearsal coordinator will also go over small important details. All of the details are very important to ensure a flawless ceremony on the wedding day.

Basic packages and services

Every package includes two planning sessions, a rehearsal, up to 35 miles from Flint Michigan, and marriage license assistance.

Elopement package

Starting at $150
Elopement packages typically are used when couples elope. These sessions are short and sweet. Most ceremonies consist of the two legal requirements, vows and pronouncement. These ceremonies can be completed in as little as 10 minutes.

Officiant services:

Starting at $200
All of the services are non-denominational. We can do religious or non-religious or a combination of the both. Casual or formal. A themed wedding can also be put together if that something you’re interested in. We will create the perfect ceremony for your special day. LGTBQ friendly.

Vow renewal:

Starting at $150
Has it been years since your wedding day? Have you ever thought of renewing your vows with your loved one? This entire service is customized to your preferences. Would you like to set this up as a surprise? Let’s sit down together and talk about some of your ideas.

Unity service:

Starting at $50
The unity ceremony is a common ritual in both religious and non-religious wedding ceremonies. It represents two people and or families becoming one. Unity candle, unity sand, unity candle/sand, handfasting, blending paint, wine/beer pouring, tree planting supplies not included for free. 

Ceremony add-ons:

Starting at $25
Readings/psalms, full religious ceremony, giving blessing at reception, last-minute booking

Extended mileage starting at $25 up to 35 miles from Flint Michigan is included in all packages. 36–60 miles equal $25 61–90 miles equal $50 anything over 90 miles from Flint Michigan will require additional discussion. If you have any questions about anything, please let me know call or text crazy in love at 810-288-4743

Destination Health & Healing Wedding Event Packages

Pre-Wedding Bliss Bridal Packages

Bachelorette and Bachelor spa packages, try a modern alternative to the bachelorette/bachelor rituals and invite your friends to celebrate at the wellness spa! Destination Health & Healing will provide a large selection of services for pre-wedding preparation. We offer convenient packages, or we will customize a package just for you. Contact our Wellness Spa coordinator to help you plan your special event at 810-288-4743
Destination Health and Healing spa amenities can help you relax and look fantastic. Imagine posing for photos with clear and beautiful skin, feeling amazing, relaxed from head to toe. That’s what you’ll get when you book a wedding spa party with us complete with facials, massages and relaxing body treatments for everyone who is invited. You get to choose the amenities you want for a day, that everyone can enjoy at your bridal party and make memories forever. Spa wedding parties allow you to have more bonding time and reconnect with old friends and family. A spa party is ideal to bring everyone together, helping the wedding go as smoothly as possible. Planning a wedding can be stressful and we are here to help. If you have any questions about the services, we offer don’t hesitate to call or text us at 810-288-4743  

Bride to be package:

Relaxed and Beautiful for your Special Day!

Prepare your mind, body, and soul for that special day. Set your nerves at ease with a relaxing 60-minute Epicuren discovery Papaya, pineapple, bamboo polish that leaves your skin, soft, smooth, and silky. Then lay-on back and relax for a 60-minute, classic apricot scrub facial as one of our professional estheticians gives you special, gentle care to ensure you are your glowing, vibrant best. The final touches will include your choice of aromatherapy, hot towels, and a relaxing body brushing. Finishing your bridal experience with a relaxing 60-minute Swedish massage including hot stones.                                                                                                            
                                                                                                                         $350, 3-Hour total time

Grooms Package:

Hot stones will relax and melt away tension as your body and mind relax during a 60-minute full body, therapeutic pressure massage. Next enjoy a 60-minute customized facial for men that is deep cleansing, hydrating and rejuvenating. Your skin will fill amazing and refreshed! Finally, be ring ready with a brown sugar, cinnamon hand scrub with added hydration. Hot towels and choice of aromatherapy included in service.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               $210, 2.5- Hour total time

Mother of the Bride Package:

Relieve stress and tension with a 60-minute Swedish Relaxation massage. Continue being pampered by a 60-minute Classic Epicuren Discovery Apricot Scrub Facial. This will have you looking your absolute, radiant best. Finish off your service and have your feet ready to be dancing the night away with a 30-minute brown sugar, cinnamon scrub with vanilla after a bath moisturizer for added hydration.                                                                                                      $195, 2.5 Hour total time

Host a Bridal Shower at Destination Health & Healing, LLC

Everyone can relax and enjoy in the celebration of love and friendship at Destination Health and healing. We are here to help you customize and plan your bridal party. You can share your special spa day with friends and family at Destination Health & Healing LLC. We use amazing Epicurean Discovery products to leave your skin, soft, smooth, healthy and radiant.

Please be sure to call ahead to plan your special event and ensure proper availability. (810)-288-4743

Planning a part, let us help!

Please call our Wellness Spa Coordinator at (810) 288–4743 for more information about packages, special services, and group discounts. It’s all about the bride. Help her decompress and ease her stress. Book a Bridal Spa party with Destination Health & Healing LLC, we craft a one-of-a-kind event for you and all your lovely ladies. We want you to enjoy and celebrate your upcoming wedding! We will provide your bridal spa party with complementary decorations, light snacks and drinks. Ease any wedding jitters, and any tension by planning a Spa bachelorette party.
Bridesmaids often choose to share, cost and pay for the bride’s treatments. Imagine how much the bride will appreciate having all her girls together for a day of pampering before her big day!

Wellness Spa Packages

  • 60-minute Papaya and pineapple, bamboo body polish treatment including body brushing, 60- minute Swedish Relaxation massage with added personal choice of aromatherapy and hot towels for comfort.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     $240, 2-hour total time

  • 60- minute Swedish relaxation massage, including hot towels, also 60-min Epicuren Discovery Green Tea Seaweed Facial.                                                                                                                                                                                         $170, 2-hour total time


  • 90-minute Hot Stone Massage including hot towels and choice of aromatherapy and Body brushing.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   $165, 90-minute total time


  • 90-minute Swedish Relaxation massage, including hot towels and choice of aromatherapy with added Body brushing.                                                                                                                                                                                       $145, 90-minute total time


  • 60-minute relaxation massage, including hot towels and choice of aromatherapy including body brushing.                                                                                                                                                                                                           $115, 60-minute total time

-Additional Wellness Spa Package options available.
-Customize your treatment package.
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